Connecting Africa Continent Through Culture

Culture often becomes the focus of attention during periods of organizational change


Our Culture
Our Pride.

Culture often becomes the focus of attention during periods of organizational change

About Us

Our Main Goals

We believe there is power in working together as Nigerians to South African's and sharing ideas. So we are always looking for opportunities to create new partnerships and build lasting relationships that are mutually benefit the both country cultures.

NIGERIA AND SOUTH AFRICA CULTURAL FOUNDATION is an initiative of the PRINCE ABAYOMI JOHNSON ODENIRAN and it was designed to bring all Africa nationals residents in South Africa together in celebration of our diverse culture together Irrespective of our tribe, culture, language and religion and also showcase our host country South Africa culture. It is to establish a lasting peace between the Nigerian Community, our other African brothers and our host; the South African Community. It is also an avenue to showcase Nigeria’s rich and robust cultural endowment.

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The Project

Research has shown that over the years, arts have been a panacea for peace and unification of communities, continents and indeed the whole world. Although there is cultural diversity among communities all over the world, the ‘language’ of arts remains the same.

What we Do

NigSA Cultural Foundation

We create effective event and cultural directory, to reach out the beauitful traditions of our land.

What We Delivered

Diplomatic Rebirth

There is no gainsaying that the diplomatic relationship between Nigeria and South Africa and other africa nationals is not at its best. It is our belief that art and culture through uniting our royals and traditional leaders together can be used as a tool to create cordial relationship among the citizens which will metamorphose to diplomatic rebirth between the African nations as a very crucial countries in Africa continent.


Project Objectives

Peace Mission: Our objective of fostering unity and socio-economic development among the Nigerian Community in South Africa can only be achieved in the atmosphere of peace and tranquility. This project is to rebuild the collapsed bridge of cordiality among Nigerians in South Africa and South Africans and strengthen the brotherly love that exists among Africans irrespective of our countries of origin, race, language, colour or region.

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